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WIUX-LP 99.1 FM is Indiana University's student radio station. WIUX used to be known as WIUS AM 1570 before making the switch to FM for the Spring 2006 semester. The station features music, talk, news, and sports shows hosted by IU students 24 hours a day.

Music Format

WIUX-LP is an indie formatted station playing "underrepresented" music. The central goal of the station with respect to music is represent those musicians that might not receive airplay on other larger stations. They also host specialty shows in genres such as metal, punk, dance/rpm, and hip-hop. [[Image:<a href=""><img src="" alt="" /></a>]]

Culture Shock

Culture Shock is a free yearly festival held in Dunn Meadow by WIUX on the campus of Indiana University. It occurs in the spring typically in the month of April. Past headliners have included Destroyer, Four Tet, Beach House, The Dodos, Xiu Xiu, and Sunset Rubdown. The festival also tends feature a number of Bloomington local bands such as The Delicious, Rodeo Ruby Love, and Found Objects.

FCC/Rights to Broadcast Controversy

On October 31, 2006, WIUX announced on its website (1) that the Federal Communications Commission was granting the 100.3 mHz frequency to a Class A FM radio station in Edinburgh, Indiana, taking over the frequency WIUX had been granted only the previous year. Because the Indiana University student-based station operates as a Low Power station, the FCC maintains that it has the right to move the station or remove it from the air. Indiana University filed a petition against the move. The Dean of Students and Vice President of Student Affairs at Indiana University, Richard McKaig, states in the official petition (available through the WIUX website): "The Indiana frequency did not appear on the Commission’s internet site or on a public notice until after the comment reply date of June 13, 2006 deadline. As a result, we did not have a fair chance to file public comments." On November 6, both Indiana senators, Evan Bayh (Dem) and Richard Lugar (Rep), wrote petitions of support for WIUX to the FCC.

On June 4, 2007 WIUX moved from 100.3 FM to 99.1 FM.

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