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WIUS AM 1570 was Indiana University's Student Radio Station, and had a 40-year history.

The WQAD station began in the Wright Quadrangle in 1962. The studios were first in Todd House and Elliott House. After a fire in 1972, the station moved back into Elliott House. In 1974 The station swept every statewide category in the AP Indiana Broadcast awards. The Foster Quadrangle followed Wright's example and formed their own radio station.

The two stations were consolidated and WIUS made its home at 617 East 8th Street. A studio fire forced the station to move to 815 East 8th Street. The station broadcast as WIUS 620 AM via carrier-current technology for the IU dorms, residence halls, and Greek housing, and eventually became available almost exclusively on cable. WIUS was broadcast in Stereo FM as WIUS 95.1 FM on Monroe County's Cable System throughout Bloomington and surrounding areas. In the mid 1970's and again in 1985 students began searching for funds for the station. The University provided funding until the end of the decade. In 1994 the University gave the station a portion of student activity fees. On October 3, 1994 the station became an official FCC broadcast station and could be heard on AM 1570.

For the original history of WIUS, WQAD, WFQR, WIN, etc. see The Indiana University Campus Radio Alumni Association website at:

Former WIUS On-Air Personalities

Current Information

WIUS set up a real audio server on their website in 1998 to allow more listeners to tune into the station via the Internet. WIUS finally made the switch to FM on January 30, 2006 at 12 AM. At the stroke of midnight the first broadcast on 100.3 FM WIUX-LP took place. They subsequently moved to 99.1 on June 4th, 2007, and is now known as "Pure Student Radio" officially desiginated by the FCC as Broadcast Station WIUX 99.1 FM.

University Funding in 1988

WIUS received university funding for the first time in 1988. That fall, on-air personality and Promotions Co-Director Robert Nigro produced an audio feature about the new developments at WIUS. Interviews with people involved with the station at that time included Dave "Rave" Tyahla, Programmer Douglas Eck, News Co-Director Angie Myers, Newsletter Director Bryan Richert and Promotions Co-Director Chris Stroebel. Click here [1] to download an mp3 of the feature.