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Unionville is a small community ten miles northeast of Bloomington on State Road 45. Local residents often consider Unionville and New Unionville as part of the same community because they are located within several miles of each other on the main road.

With a population of just under one thousand people, Unionville has a post office (postal code 47468) and formerly had a high school, which eventually became Unionville Elementary School. The school's teams are known as the Unionville Arrows.

New Unionville is the location of the Lakeside Store and gas station, New Unionville Baptist Church, and a recycling center.

Between the two communities is Danny Smith Memorial Park (home to local youth baseball and other activites), access to beautiful Lake Lemon, and to Butler Winery.


Originally part of the Alexander farm, the town was first called Fleenorsburg, after developer Nicholas Fleenor, who originally platted the town in 1847. It was renamed in 1855.

An article in the Bloomington Daily Telephone from 1909 mentions complaints of the existence of a blind tiger in Unionville.

According to Brenden Fleener, a resident since he was born in 1987, Unionville is a very small town with a cozy hometown feel, where “Everybody knows everybody”.

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Local commentary

Brenden Fleener - Email interview on January 30, 2007
Brenden's family has been in Unionville for many generations, and he's planning on keeping it that way. He loves this town and everything it offers. He wants to raise his family here as well. Unionville is a very beautiful place that is quiet and peaceful in its own way.
People need to realize Unionville's potential in our society. It offers something that nor Bloomington or any other town nearby can, which is beauty and peacefulness. Bloomington is more of city life, and Unionville is more country and laid back. It is a very safe and warming place that I, along with many others, love.

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