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"Many people have not had the opportunity to experience a mesmerizing sight of natural beauty that Lower Cascades Park has to offer. Dedicated in 1924, this park is the first of Bloomington's public parks area. Although it underwent months of renovation, Lower Cascades was open to the public on May 16. Located along Old state Road 37, the park takes up more than 68 acres of land. Many different people can enjoy the many aspects of this family oriented play-place.

When you think of Lower Cascades Park, what picture comes to your mind? That mental picture can only be a fragment of this gigantic natural preservation. The park includes two softball fields, along with the recently renovated playground area. the playground area is fully equipped with sandbox swings, and a play-place designed for children and adults with disabilities. The park also includes four parking areas, one next to the playground, one at both Sycamore Shelter and Waterfall Shelter, and another at the ball fields. Restrooms are also available and convenient. Two reservable shelters are also located throughout the park. these shelters can house up to 75 people, and come equipped with grills, electricity, restroom access, and playground access. If you would like to contact someone for more information for reserving one of these shelters, you can contact the city of Bloomington Park and Recreation office @ (812)349-3700 or email []

Local festivals are also held here at Lower Cascades, whether it be in remembrance of long time Bloomington residents, or in respect for ancient Bloomington customs. A couple of different festivals held here are ghost stories around Halloween time, where everyone meets under the Waterfall Shelter to listen to spooky ghost stories designated for children and adults. Birthday parties are always being held there, as it is a wonderful spot to keep a large number of kids together in one place.

After 82 years of renovation and great planning, this natural beauty is far from its end. Erosion and road structure has been carefully monitored for the safety of its residents. If you are ever looking for a place to jog, bike ride, have a picnic, or just to relax, you should really consider Lower Cascades Park as one of your options. Its scenic, natural abundance of trees and wildlife is mesmerizing in sight and smell. You will not be disappointed with your decision."