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From Bloomingpedia

Realname: Mark Krenz
You can contact me via email at

Current Status: Taking a break from Bloomingpedia probably until the end of 2007 so that I can move Suso forward.

Bloomingpedia Projects

Here is a list of "projects" that I'm working on with Bloomingpedia


  • Catch up with the weather events I've missed.
  • Go through the books I have on Bloomington to get facts.
  • Find pictures of Bloomington subjects from my stash of digital pictures and upload them with content.


  • Learn how to add items to the navigation side-menu.
  • Create Special:RandomPageInCategory extension for mediawiki to allow choosing random pages within a category like Restaurants
  • Make mediawiki's RSS feeds so that articles don't pop up twice in the RSS reader. This might be because article titles don't have unique ids for the edit in the feeds.

Things I've done

Mediawiki settings pages