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Article rewritten

This nightclub has been known by a lot of names which I'm setting up as redirects. Also redirecting the address page (419 N. Walnut); if there's another business at the same address then that article should be reverted and expanded but otherwise I think this is how it should be done. Updated category tags as appropriate. Might be nice to make a bar/nightclub template similar to the restaurant template. Previous text of this and other articles:

Jake's : Jake's is the name of the bar that became Mars, then Axis, and momentarily Walnut Street Tap and is now Jake's once again. Lee Williams, of the Lotus Festival, used to book the original Jake's and brought in many diverse and new musicians such as R.E.M., Fishbone, and more.

419 N. Walnut Street: This is a large building well known for being the location of popular night clubs in Bloomington over the years. It is currently owned by Dave Kubiak.

Mars: Mars was a nightclub located at 419 N. Walnut Street. It was turned into Axis.

Axis: Axis was a popular nightclub in Bloomington located at 419 N. Walnut Street. Its name was changed to Walnut Street Tap in January 2006. History The name was changed in January 2006 in an effort to change the image. Prior to Axis, it used to be called Jake's, then Mars.

Walnut Street Tap: Walnut Street Tap was a bar and nightclub on Walnut Street. The name was changed in early January 2006 and then changed back to Jake's in September of 2006. It has formerly been known as Axis, Mars, Jake's and Oscar's. The bar is owned and operated by Dave Kubiak, who purchased it in 2004, who also owns the Bluebird nightclub.

I'm not sure of the exact timeline of previous names before it was called Mars since I wasn't old enough to go there, and I don't have HT access for the article I linked, but from the blurb in google results it looks like Time Out then Oscars then Jake's; I intentionally left it vague. RossD 00:09, 12 June 2008 (EDT)

Great effort and thanks for your help RossD. One thing though is that the content of the address article 419 N. Walnut Street should have been left alone or just added to. The purpose of those kind of articles is very different from the business articles. They are meant to give you an independent view of what has happened in that building or at that address. I change the redirect back to its former content and let you add any more businesses there if you want. -- Mark 08:14, 12 June 2008 (EDT)