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This page is just here to keep track of some Bloomingpedia milestone articles, edits, users and so on. Some of these statistics require direct access to the database.


The Mediawiki software seems to have some problems with counting articles. The best way to track new article numbering is to use the Special:PageCreateOrder extension Special:PageCreateOrder.

Note: In June of 2006, several articles where moved out of the main namespace to the Bloomingpedia namespace. This caused all milestones earlier than the 800th article to be off by a certain amount when viewed on the Special:PageCreateOrder page. By as much as 17 places. Some articles may be moved to a new name, also causing other article's appearent rank to be changed. These milestones represent the first article to reach the Xth spot, regardless of whether the rank of an article decreased due to an article being moved.

Nth article Created Delta time Article Who created article
1st article 2005-07-18 0 day Bloomingpedia (of course)
50th article 2005-08-06 19 days The Book Nook User:Chrobb
100th article 2005-08-15 9 days The Taste of Bloomington User:Chrobb
200th article 2006-02-04 173 days Tri-North Middle User:Ceeller
300th article 2006-02-21 17 days Finelight User:Ceeller
400th article 2006-03-08 15 days Hamid Maidi User:Chrobb
500th article 2006-03-17 9 days Tracks Music & Videos User:Fjanis
600th article 2006-05-10 54 days Jon Konrath User:Mark
700th article 2006-05-30 20 days 1974 User:Ceeller
800th article 2006-06-23 24 days June 11 User:Jkonrath
900th article 2006-07-12 19 days Hoagy Carmichael User:Mark
1000th article 2006-07-12 13 hours 1856 User:Ceeller
1500th article 2007-01-14 184 days Nomad Buffet User:Chris
2000th article 2007-08-06 204 days Teletron User:Benfulton
2500th article 2008-06-23 322 days Sonic User:Jmz668
3000th article 2009-10-27 491 days Henry Eller User:Benfulton
3500th article ??? ??? ??? ???



  • At least one edit a day from February 6th, 2006 til May 16th, 2006 (99 days, cut short by server crash), and from May 17th, 2006 through September 7th, 2006 (114 days). And from September 9th, 2006 through November 15th, 2007 (441 days).
  • Record edits in a day 598 (February 12th, 2006) [note, this excludes July 18th, 2006, which had 937 edits while setting up the wiki).
Wiki edit statistics from July 2005 til November 8th, 2006, click to view


  • In September 2006, Bloomingpedia received 5,393 unique visitors, making it the first month to break the 5000 unique visitor barrier.
  • In October 2006, Bloomingpedia received 7,020 unique visitors, 305,034 hits, 589 average unique visitors per day and 2GB worth of traffic. Breaking all the records for visits.

  • On August 31st, 2007 at around 2pm, Bloomingpedia passed the 10,000 unique visitors in a month milestone for the first time.


  • Mark Krenz was waiting for the day to come when someone that he worked with found out about it through means other than him telling them. That finally happened on 2006-09-19 when Rob Dorocke found it when searching for something Bloomington related on Google.
  • On October 31st, 2011 the Herald Times cited a Bloomingpedia article for the first time (excluding times when it was talking about the site). The article was about Stepp Cemetery.