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WTTV is a TV station (Channel 4) in Indianapolis that was created initially by Sarkes Tarzian, Inc in Bloomington and was the first television station in Bloomington. They first signed on the air at 2pm on November 11, 1949.

Tarzian owned several plants around the Midwest that manufactured radio and television electronics parts, as well as WTTS, at the time a 500-watt radio station based in Bloomington. After receiving a permit for channel 10 on the VHF band, the company rented an empty drugstore as a studio. Marc Williams was named news director; Charles Haines, art director; and Bob Petranoff, program manager.

The station quickly moved from its original home to a new building with a 1500-square-foot main studio, as well as four offices and separate rooms for studio control, film projection and transmitter operations. They produced more than 40 original shows weekly.

A popular early show was Happy Valley Folks, a variety show MC'd by "Uncle Dale."

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