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Star of Indiana

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Star of Indiana was a musical organization based in Bloomington. It was started by Bill Cook, Carl Cook and others in 1984 with a grant from Cook Group. In 1985, Star began competing and set the record for the highest placing at world championships for a first year corps (10th place). In the years that followed they became one of the greatest corps of all time and eventually won the DCI world championship title in 1991. Being the fastest corps to ever make the accension to the championship title (7 years). After winning, they started to become more experimental and put on one of the most unique drum corps shows every in 1993, featuring 20th century atonal music. Star announced after their 1993 season that they would be leaving DCI (Drum Corps International) and competitive drum corps to form a touring group based around the concept of experimental musical theatre. The new show/group was called Brass Theatre and featured a modified Star performing with the Canadian Brass.

Brass Theatre went on to form shows like Blast II: Shockwave, and eventually the group's identity morphed into "Blast". They tour under the title Blast and are still based just north of Bloomington.


Star of Indiana originally started out as a junior competitive Drum & Bugle Corps.


  • 1993: The Music of Barber and Bartok
  • 1992: American Variations
  • 1991: Roman Images
  • 1990: Belshazzar's Feast
  • 1989: Henry V
  • 1988: Porgy and Bess
  • 1987: circus themed show
  • 1986: Music of John Williams
  • 1985: The Music of Walt Disney