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Showers Brothers

From Bloomingpedia

William Showers and James Showers started Showers Brothers Furniture in Bloomington in the late 1860s. They were the sons of Charles Showers, who was better known as C.C. Showers. James and William launched their business under the name Showers & Bro. but changed the name to Showers Brothers when their younger brother Hull Showers joined them in 1878. After Hull's untimely death in 1886 his one-third ownership of the company passed to his wife, Maud Coatney Showers, who took his place as partner with her brothers-in-law.

James, the eldest brother, retired from the company in 1903, selling his interest to his brother William, perhaps discouraged by the death of his son Charles Showers. James remained active in banking while William oversaw operations at Showers Brothers furniture company until his death in 1919.