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Plan Nine Film Emporium

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Plan Nine Film Emporium is a independent video rental store. It contains a large collection of low-budget films as well as many winning entries from the Sundance and Cannes Film Festival. It is owned by Dave Walter.

When customers rent a movie from this company Plan 9 throws in a free independent local film, most of the time a local director's first film project. Plan 9 has a shelf dedicated solely to these personal endeavors. This makes it a favorite among local independent film-makers as the business allows people to display and rent their own movies.

Adam-Gregory Catanzarite, a sophomore studying film, says "Plan 9 is a good place not just for film majors, but for everybody because they have a wider and more diverse range than the mainstream video rental places."

Although they do have late fees, for those looking for a personalized atmosphere to browse and rent movies, Plan 9 is one choice. Also, for those who are interested in supporting local businesses, Plan 9 is locally owned and operated.


Plan 9 typically charges $3 dollars for one day rentals.


The original owner was named "Kerry". Kerry had a stroke and moved to Florida somewhere between 2000 and 2004. Kerry was considered a unique guy by many. When you walked in, he was always sitting in his chair with a very relaxed look, and would often times greet you with his half smile. Kerry had black hair which often looked as if he had just woken up. He would always be wearing a shirt with a punk band from the 70's or 80's, bands like New Yorks Dolls and such. On the walls of the original store, Kerry had signed albums and pictures from famous artist and actors. In the backroom of the video store was a cot where Kerry slept either at times or had actually lived in the store. This very room was the porn section as well, with an assortment of porno films lined up on the wall. Kerry also had a lot of vinyl records in the store either for sale or had probably just been his collection.

Location Changes

Plan 9 originally was located on the sub-street level below theBook Corner at 101 E. Kirkwood Avenue. It later moved to 6th Street by the Vintage Phoenix, near Subway and Skinquake. Finally, it moved again into a renovated building next to the Video Saloon across the street from the Bluebird. The new location has a interesting design compared to its prior locations. When Plan 9 was first established, Kerry would often be smoking cloves, or interesting smelling pipe tobacco so when you walked in, there was always an interesting smell, followed by the greeting of Kerry who was usually sitting down watching movies in his chair.


The name Plan 9 comes from the old sci-fi flick Plan 9 From Outer Space.


Phone (812) 333-0089

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