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Paris Hassan

From Bloomingpedia

Paris Hassan was a native of Turkey who lived south of Harrodsburg in the early part of the 20th Century. He shot and killed his neighbor, William Fender, over a beekeeping dispute.<ref>Richardson, Randi (November 30, 2008). "William Fender Murdered by Paris Hassan". Bloomington Weekly Courier. Retrieved on February 26, 2009.</ref>

A swarm of bees had apparently left Fender's hive and gone to Hassan's property. Although forbidden by Hassan to retrieve the bees, Fender climbed the fence and was shot, although not killed. He came after Hassan with a rifle, but Hassan killed him with a shotgun. At the time, Fender was about 75 years old, and Hassan between 60 and 70.

After he had shot Fender, Hassan set fire to his own home and burned it down. The blaze was communicated to another house, and it also burned down together with a barn containing 300 bushels of corn.

Posses from Bedford and Bloomington searched for Hassan, apparently unsuccessfully.


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