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Legacy of the Incas

From Bloomingpedia
Legacy of the Incas
Restaurant Type: Peruvian
Open Date: November 2003
Address: 1711 N. College Avenue
Phone: (812) 336-6968
Current Owner(s): Giovanna Kagemann, Ronald and Norma Ibarra
Manager(s): {{{manager}}}
Hours: ???
Website: ???

Legacy of the Incas was a Peruvian food restaurant located at 1711 N. College Avenue. It was opened in late 2003 after Norma Ibarra convinced her daughter, Giovanna Kagemann, that opening a restaurant in Bloomington was a good idea. The family came to Bloomington in 1990. Ibarra had success with several restaurants in Venezuella and a new restaurant in Indianapolis that was opened only a year prior to Legacy of the Incas.

The restaurant specialized in authentic Peruvian and Latin American cuisine. The menu included a variety of appetizers, soups and desserts. While seafood was a house specialty, the restaurant also served chicken, lamb and beef dishes.

In late 2005, a post-it note appeared on the door explaining that the restuarant was closed but the owners hoped to re-open it at another location.