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John Holland

From Bloomingpedia

John Holland (March 24, 1977 - present) currently resides in Dayton, Ohio and has strong connections to the Bloomington music community through his musical prowess. Currently he is the lead Highland Bag Pipe player, Uillean Pipe player, Tin Whistle player, and Mandolin player in Mother Grove, an Indianapolis based Celtic rock band consisting of Laura Adams (fiddle/vocals), Brad Sprauer (lead guitar, vocals and song writing), Jim Farley (bass guitar), and Ron Fife (drums, vocals)}.

John has won accolades in the piping community consisting of: "Piper of the Day" at the Kentucky Highland Games in 2005, "Piper of the Day" at the Alma Highland Games in 2005, and is Grade 1 Solo competition. He is grateful to have had the honor of playing with the North Coast Grade 2 Pipe Band and counts that as an accolade as well. John works with many artists and has enjoyed the honor of sharing the stage with Bonnie Rideout, and Jerry O'Sullivan while with the North Coast Pipe Band. Currently, John is the Pipe Major of the Cyril Scott Pipe Band.

In addition to playing music, John Holland is also an accomplished song writer on both the Highland Bag Pipes and the guitar. You will want to listen for him on 99.1 FM, WIUX where he joins Andrea Fiedler on "The Evening Hour" hosted by Eric Radoux on occasion. John is also known and respected for his improvisational skills showcased on every instrument he plays.