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hIQ was an internet broadcast radio station and music scene run by Mark Krenz out of his dorm room in Eigenmann Hall and later his apartment in downtown Bloomington. It ran from 1998 through mid 2001. During the time it ran in his apartment downtown, Mark held a series of loft style live music concerts in his apartment on weekends that were broadcast over the station. The majority of the music played and performed fell into the category of electronica music.


Attendence at the concerts varied from 2 people to as many as 20. On one occasion people were coming in off the street to see what was going on. Most people enjoyed the friendly and intimate atmosphere sitting right next to the performer.

Police Encounter

At one of the concerts with Aslan's, Mark decided to put a speaker in one of his apartment windows to attract people on the street to the concert. He also did this to retaliate against the Regester Garage Cruisers, who frequently made a lot of noise on Friday and Saturday nights. Two officers from the Bloomington Police Department stopped by the apartment and said that one of Mark's neighbors had complained about too much noise. The officers stated that if he didn't turn the music down they would take him to jail. When Mark asked the officers what they were doing about the cruisers across the street, they just said that they try to keep them quiet too. The apartment was in a small complex that only contained 7 apartments. Mark knew all of his neighbors and found out later that none of them complained. In fact, most of them were not even there the night of the concert.


The following is a list of people/groups that performed at a hIQ session.

All shows where recorded and some CDs where made of some sets and distributed for free at TD's CDs & LPs.

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