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Glory Days Pub and Grill

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Outside seating at 3:43pm.

Glory Days Pub and Grill is a pub style restaurant for locals located downtown on College Avenue with entrances from the street as well as from inside Fountain Square Mall. It features a bar and outdoor seating. They maintain a second location named Showers Cafe in the downtown area.

During the latter half of 2011, the restaurant was sold to new owners. Previous to this, the restaurant was known as Bobby's Pub (after the owner, Bobby Scank) and its second location was known as Bobby's Too.

Contact info

201 S College Ave
Bloomington, IN 47404

Phone: (812) 330-0955

Smoking Ban

Bobby's Pub was one of the restaurants that was very opposed to Bloomington's ordinance banning smoking cigarettes in restaurants and other public facilities.