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Cresent Donuts is an inexpensive donut shop - you can usually get about a dozen donuts there for about 5 to 6 dollars on average. But the only problem with the store is that it is about three to four miles off campus and it doesn't really get that much business because it isn't on campus but they do still do good at the location where they are now which is right off 3rd Street by the Marathon Gas Station. It is a pretty good location besides the fact of the whole campus thing.

There are many other places on and around campus that have pretty good baking and/or donuts, like the Bakehouse, located by Kirkwood Avenue. It is a place where you can go and sit down, get on your lap top computer (that you bring - they are not provided for you) and you can sit down with a pastry or a bagel, and just do your work at your own leisure time, enjoying a cup of coffee or some orange juice.

Another good place to go and relax in the morning to get a good bagel or bialy. Is the famous place Bloomington Bagel Company. It is located right off Kirkwood Avenue in the middle of downtown, where it is very accessible to college students and anyone who is close to the downtown area. There is seating around the restaurant - you can either sit indoors or out. There is patio furniture outside so you can sit and enjoy the beautiful day. There is also another location for the bagel company is located right of of downtown near the court house. And it is just a little side shop where you can go and grab something eat there if there is a table available or take it home with you can enjoy it there. But usually this place would remind you of somewhere. Where you could just grab something on the go and be able to leave very fast.

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