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Bell's Exhaust

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Front entrance

Bell's Exhaust is an independent and well respected exhaust shop in Bloomington. They specialize in mufflers and exhaust systems, but also work on other items like shocks, struts and brakes. The shop was originally started by Dan Bell in Greene County. It was sold to Brian Campbell around 1997 and moved to their location on west 3rd street. They originally where in the building behind where they are at now. They also have a Martinsville location.

Phone: 812-330-9330
Address: 2507 W. 3rd St. (as you are going west, they are the 3rd driveway on the right after the stoplight at Franklin Road)
Payment options: Cash, Visa, Mastercard & Discover

Their slogan is "Fast Service While You Wait", which is a reflection of one of their downsides, which is that they don't do appointments on anything but brakes. So you won't be able to drop off your car. However they are generally fast and sometimes you will find many people waiting for them to open in the mornings, which shows how much demand there is for their work. They are considered one of those businesses that are there for people in the know.