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Avalon Games and Hobbies

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Avalon - Games and Hobbies
Open Date: 2004
Address: Eagles Landing Mall on SR 46 Rm 116

200 Association St
Ellettsville, IN 47429

Phone: (812)
Owner(s): Keith Pendley & Jessica Pendley
Manager(s): Jessica Pendley
Hours: closed
Sample figurine.

A gaming store at Eagles Landing Mall in Ellettsville, IN run by Keith and Jessica, they keep a clean establishment and offer a variety of gaming experiences; tabletop, minitures, collectible card games, Arcade, figures and collectables. They also carry a broad line of books and magazines. Gamers of all disciplines can find something interesting.


Avalon plays host to nightly gaming events as well as regular tournaments for prizes and bragging rights. Popular regular gaming includes; table top role playing (many varieties), Arcade matches, Magic: The Gathering, Hero-Clix, WARMACHINE, and others. Large tournaments and events are held most Saturdays and can accommodate 50-60 people.


Image Gallery from the Store


Image of the gaming room at the original location in Bloomington.

Avalon Games is a local gaming store that opened in late Summer of 2004. They were originally located in the Williamsburg Village shopping center on Pete Ellis Drive at 223 S. Pete Ellis Drive. Avalon moved to the Eagles Landing Mall in Ellettsville in December 2007. They opened for business at the new location on December 10th.