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Asher Labertew

From Bloomingpedia

Asher Labertew (1800-1885) was a prominent and highly regarded citizen for more than fifty years in the late 1800's. The name was probably originally LaBoyteaux, but it is also sometimes spelled Laberteaux or Labbertaw. He kept a tavern and tailor shop on North College Avenue where The Bakehouse stands today.

He was one of the original directors of the Monroe County Fair and was elected treasurer of the town of Bloomington in 1848 and probably at least one other time. He was also a Worshipful Master of the Bloomington Masonic Lodge.

He bought the land from 11th Street to 17th Street, between Walnut Street and Madison Street, from Craven P. Hester on March 17, 1849, and erected a brick house on what would today be the middle of College Avenue at 11th Street.

Mr. Labertew married the former Elizabeth Denny, who died in 1870 at the age of 77. They had four children, Martha, Bathsheba, Peter, and Gabriel. Martha married General Morton C. Hunter and Bathsheba married Ellis E. Sluss, both wealthy citizens of Bloomington. The two boys apparently left town for greener pastures.

Mr. Labertew is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery. His parents were likely John and Phebe LaBoyteaux, of New York and Owen County.