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Arson Garden

From Bloomingpedia

Arson Garden was an alt-rock band that formed in Bloomington in 1987. 1990s. Featuring the voice of lead singer April Combs, the band made several albums including "Under Towers" and "Wisteria" before breaking up in 1995. They have returned to Bloomington once to play a reunion concert. The lineup included James Combs, guitarist and songwriter, Joby Barnett, drummer, Clark Starr on bass, and Michael Mann, guitar. Arson Garden toured extensively throughout the US and Europe, played Lolapalooza and performed a Peel Session on BBC radio.

The site exists but does not seem to be updated often. Some of the band's music is available for download here.

James Combs and April Combs have formed a new band, Honneycombs, with a cd release in November 2009.

April Combs writes and performs children's music under the name April Eight.