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8th Street

From Bloomingpedia

8th street is a road in Bloomington. It has 4 independent sections. Going from west to east, the first section starts out in Valhalla Memory Gardens and goes east about 2000 feet before ending at Vernal Pike, just before that street's eastern terminus at Adams Street. It was probably divided here because of the railroad.

It starts up again only 750 feet away from a dead-end terminus just east of the railroad tracks and goes east for 3000 feet before being stopped by the parking lot at Showers Plaza. This section was probably divided when the Showers Brothers Furniture factory was still here. It is still possible to drive through the parking lot at Showers and get to the continuance of 8th street. But it is divided in the stict sense of the word.

8th street starts up again at Morton Street and goes another 3500 feet or so before it reaches an opposing one-way street that connects to the HPER building. This section is simply divided by the IU campus.

8th Street starts up again east of the IU campus at Jefferson Street, going for only 1300 feet before ending and turning to the south into Overhill Drive.