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122 West 6th Street

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Fee Building

The Fee Building at 122 West 6th Street is a storefront in the Courthouse Square Historic District. It has held many different businesses, as well as small apartments on the upper floors. The three attached buildings at the location are known as the Fee Building, the Sudbury Building, and the Wicks Building. Originally the building housed Wicks' Bee Hive on the lower level, with leased space on the second floor and at one time a dance hall on the third floor. The third floor is now an apartment with an elevator entrance. It was built by William Fee in 1853, and continues to be owned by Fee's descendants and for a long time was held by Sheldon and Barbara Hoadley Sandler of Lexington, Mass. In 2002 the building was sold to Omega Properties.

In 1990, architect John Schell of Portfolio Design renovated the building, adding a column on the first floor in the back.

In 1999, the air duct and fire extinguisher pipes in apartment 202 were painted blue and yellow by Mark Krenz.

Businesses at this location