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With Authority

From Bloomingpedia

With Authority was a popular and active Bloomington punk/hardcore band during its day. formed in 1989 by IU Journalism student and Detroit native Dave Hate (Tate), the band stayed together with various lineups until 1994.

With Authority released three 7-inch records, Feel the Pain(1989), System Screwed(1990) and Third World in 1992. They had one full length CD called Do Not Obey in 1994. Each release WA took on more of a metal/dirge sound. Dave Hate organized shows at a hole in the wall venue on Bloomington's northside (17th Street & Jackson Street) called The Warehouse, filling a void in Bloomington's scene when no all-ages venues existed.

With Authority had a large following with teenage punk rockers and skateboarders and toured regularly throughout the midwest.