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Westinghouse is a worldwide corporation serving industrial, construction and utilities market worldwide. Its principal businesses also include television radio broadcasting, financial services, electronics systems for defense, industrial systems, and other commercial applications. Westinghouse had 1987 sales of $10.7 billion and employs about 110,000 people.

The Bloomington plant on Curry Pike was built in 1957 and employed roughly 680 people in 1988, two years before the plant was sold to ABB Power T&D. Employing as many as 1500 in the 1960s, Westinghouse was one of the Big Four, companies that represented a majority of Bloomington's industrial capacity.

The capacitors that were manufactured at the plant made heavy use of PCBs, which resulted in many lawsuits over the years alleging that the company was not or had not properly disposed of the material. Eventually Westinghouse agreed to build an incinerator to dispose of the remaining chemicals.