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Wee Willie's

From Bloomingpedia

Wee Willie's was a family style restaurant located on south Walnut Street in Bloomington, across from Stansifer's Electronics. the building was brown and has no exterior signage.

There is also a Wee Willie's out near Ellettsville in Richland Plaza, off of Union Valley Road.

Richland Plaza Wee Willie's

Story about the sign

They did not have any external signage. They previously had a sign that was taken down. When they went to replace it, the city demanded that they pay a tax/fee to put a new one up, so they decided not to put up a sign at all in protest.


The Bloomington Wee Willies is closed and was demolished in July, 2017. It is owned by the city which plans to use it as an entrance to the Switchyard Park on the B-Line Trail.