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Waldron, Hill & Buskirk Spoke Factory

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The Waldron, Hill & Buskirk Spoke Factory operated from 1881-1914 on the location of what is now Third Street Park.

Article from the Bloomington (Monroe County, Indiana) World, July 4, 1896.


The Spoke Factory situated on Washington Street was established in 1881 by Mr. Ryors who operated it until his death which occurred in 1889. The property was then purchased by Messrs. Waldron, Hill and Buskirk who are the present proprietors. The plant, consisting of the manufacturing, store and dry houses, covers quite an extent of ground.

The establishment is equipped with the latest improved machinery. They manufacture wagon spokes, shell band and common carriage spokes. The factory is under the direct management of Mr. P. K. Buskirk. The firm has a large number of (illegible) in the north and northwest and has also supplied the foreign markets with goods. When in full operation, there are between 50 and 60 men employed.

A great number of the employers are men who have been engaged in the work since its establishment. The factory was burned on the night of December 17, 1895. It was rebuilt as quickly as possible but not upon so extensive a scale. As an industry, its influence is largely felt in the city and vicinity of Bloomington.

Article from the Bloomington (IN) Telephone, Apr 21, 1914, p. 4.


The old spoke factory, owned by Waldron, Hill & Buskirk, on South Washington Street, has been razed. The building was a large frame one and some time ago the city council ordered that it be torn down as it was considered a dangerous fire menace. The tearing down of the building is the passing of another land mark.