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University Information Technology Services

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University Information Technology Services (UITS) provides various computing services and support to students, faculty and staff at IU. UITS is currently housed in various buildings at the Wrubel Computing Center (2711 E. 10th Street) located at 10th street and the 45/46 bypass.

Campus Computer Labs

One of the many services UITS operates is the Student Technology Centers (STCs), Residential Technology Centers (RTCs), and InfoStations on campus. There are more than 60 STCs, 35+ RTCs, and 28 InfoStations on campus. Computer labs are located on all ends of the campus including the campus apartments. To use a lab, you must have a campus network id. Check here for hours, locations, and maps to the labs. The STC Logistics team maintains the hardware in all of these locations.


Divisions, Groups and Labs

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