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The Cinemat

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Picture of The Cinemat from Walnut Street

The Cinemat is a movie rental store at 123 South Walnut Street. They offer a wide variety of films including independent, foreign, classic, art-house, documentary, animated, experimental, silent, GLBT, music documentary & musicals. The Cinemat also has a screening room where you can watch movies on a big screen with big sound and supports large groups.

Owner: Steve Volan (The Agate Agency, Inc.)

In February of 2009, the Cinemat announced plans to close its doors, selling off some of its stock and sending the rest to Plan 9 Video. Shows booked at the location would continue to to be played through May.

123 South Walnut Street
Bloomington, Indiana 47404

Phone: (812) 333-4700

Geocoordinates: World diagram for coord.png Map from Google
Business Hours
Monday 4-11
Tuesday 4-11
Wednesday 4-12
Thursday 4-12
Friday 4-12
Saturday 3-12
Sunday 3-11


Owned by Steve Volan, The Cinemat opened on August 30, 2002 offering movie rentals. It quickly expanded and on August 6, 2004 it opened Bloomington's only screening room for groups and events.

On November 17th, 2006 they announced that their website has a new feature that allows customers to search their entire movie library online.


  • Movie rental
  • Screening room for watching films (maximum ticket price is $4)
  • Special orders for films people want to own
  • Fresh popcorn and refreshments including soft drinks, candy and bottled beer
  • The Cinemat also hosts other events including the following
    • A weekly chess league (Tuesday nights at 7pm)
    • A weekly live comedy show called "Anything After Ten" (Wednesdays at 11pm)
    • "Atomic Age Cinema," a weekly bad-horror film hosted live by Dr. Calamari and Baron Mardi (Saturdays at midnight)
    • "Atomic Age Cinema -- Matinee," a weekly show for kids and their parents featuring Flash Gordon and Superman serials (Saturdays 3 pm)
    • Showing movies for free on Tuesdays (matinee and late shows only)
  • Collaboration with the CINEPHILE group of cinema professionals, amateurs and fans

Mailing list

The Cinemat has a mailing list for announcing upcoming screenings. Information about it is available at

On August 26th, 2006, someone posted to the mailing list with the simple words "Please remove me from your e-mail list". The list was configured so that anyone subscribed to the list could post to it. It was also configured so that the poster's from address was masked out to hide the sender any message posted to the list. So once one person asked to be removed, several other people (10+) started replying and asking to be removed. Mark Krenz replied back to the list with information on how people can remove themselves from the list.



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