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Teletron was a Bloomington business started by Tim Lybrook in 1989. Although started as a telephone billing company, it eventually began taking on corporate clients to audit their phone bills and try and recover savings from inaccuracies. By 1997, the company was a fast growing company fueled by the dot-com bubble with 55 employees. By 2000, manufacturing businesses like RCA and General Electric had left town, but Teletron had more than 300 employees, had built more than 100,000 square feet of workspace, and was considered one of the bright spots of the city's economy. The company unveiled a new web site and database with a goal of serving both large and small customers.

Then, the bubble burst and the stock market entered a prolonged slump. Teletron found its services were no longer as important as they had once been, and by the end of 2001 the company had laid off half of its employees, and just a few months later were employing less than 50. By the end of 2002 the company had effectively ceased operations.

Driving south on SR 37, the Teletron building is visible on the right-hand side just before reaching the 2nd Street exit.


  • When you would call their office, they would sometimes answer the phone We're having a good day at Teletron. This has been referred to a few times in other businesses, once by Kiva Networking, where a system administrator at Kiva created the secure certificate for Teletron's website. The admin used the passphrase "Its not a good day", mainly because they were not a favorite with Kiva due to their excessive unreasonable demands. Another place this was referenced was on Suso's website as an example passphrase in the SSH tutorial.