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Talk:La Charreada Mexican Restaurant

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Personal experiences

I want to discourage people from sharing personal experiences on the main article page. It may be true that someone got food poisoning at a restaurant, but its hard for us to prove that and this leads to hearsay. We want to avoid hearsay. We've talked before about having a page for people sharing their personal experiences with different subjects about Bloomington. Once we get that into place, people are welcome to post their own experiences for various subjects. For now, I will remove the food poisoning bit from this article. -- Mark 20:31, 5 February 2007 (EST)

shared restaurant experiences

Maybe link here

or here

for pre-existing public comment (why re-invent the wheel)

--BirdieGalyan 17:07, 9 February 2007 (EST)

(I'm amazed that ChefMoz is still around. My review of Yogi's from seven years ago is still there too.) Benfulton 21:34, 9 February 2007 (EST)