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Smith Pike

From Bloomingpedia

Smith Pike is a road running north-south on the west side of Bloomington. It mainly runs between SR 46 and Woodyard Road. Up until this decade, it was connected with Curry Pike as one continuous road. During this time it was the major thoroughfare for getting from the west side over to Ellettsville.

After the completion in 2007 of the new Curry Pike extension that leads to the new SR 46 route, Smith Pike is used more as a local access road. There are still a number of people who use it as a shortcut to get from SR 46 to Curry Pike and vice versa. For drivers going from SR 46 to Curry Pike, the Smith Pike route is still usually faster than the new SR 46 to Curry Pike route, because the light at Curry Pike and Woodyard Road favors any traffic. So it often triggers when traffic comes off of Smith Road.