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Showers, Dodds & Co.

From Bloomingpedia

Showers, Dodds & Co. was an early chair manufacturer of Bloomington. It was established in 1881 by the Showers Brothers, Samuel C. Dodds, and Henry Henley, and ran for two years before one third of the business was purchased by John Waldron. The firm then continued under the name Dodds, Waldron, & Co.

The company employed 65 persons, and manufactured 700 chairs and 1000 center tables weekly, with a payroll of around $300 per week.<ref>Blanchard, Charles (1884). "Counties of Morgan, Monroe and Brown, Indiana" 651. Retrieved on February 11, 2009.</ref><ref>Richardson, Randi (2009). "A New Chair Factory by Showers, Doods & Company". Retrieved on February 11, 2009.</ref>


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