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Scotty's Brewhouse

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Scotty's Brewhouse
Restaurant Type: Sports Bar
Open Date: August 2001
Address: 302 North Walnut Street

Bloomington, IN 47404

Phone: (812) 333-5151
Current Owner(s): Scott Wise
Manager(s): {{{manager}}}
Hours: ???
Website: Scotty's Bloomington

Outdoor seating

Scotty's Brewhouse was a restaurant and bar located in Walnut Center on the corner of Walnut Street and 7th Street at 302 N. Walnut Street. They had sitdown and barstool seating and many TVs tuned to sporting games and the news. It was a popular place to go during IU games.

Scotty's Brewhouse was a regional chain of college campus based restaurants. Bloomington was their second location, they also had locations in Muncie, West Lafayette and Indianapolis.

Scotty's Brewhouse featured old gas burning lanterns, solid brick interior, and a hand-made oak bar.

All Scotty's Brewhouse locations closed, and the Bloomington location closed on July 20,2019.



  • During the IU championship game in 2002, people with seats at Scotty's where offered up to $600 for their seats. The $600 offer was actually rejected by the people who had seats.