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SR 45

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Indiana State Road 45 is a two lane highway that runs north/south through Bloomington. It originally extended from the southern border of Indiana down near Rockport and Evansville and goes until it reaches its end at SR 135 north east of Bloomington. Its southern terminus is now at US 231 near NSA Crane. While traveling through north east Bloomington, it is known as The Bypass.

State Road 45 (10th Street) looking east from the Bypass.

After leaving Bloomington on the east, State Road 45 travels northeast past University Elementary and Mt. Gilead Christian Church before turning north to New Unionville. At the intersection of Bethel Lane it turns northeast again to pass through Unionville, just south of Lake Lemon. A CSX rail line parallels the highway from Bloomington to Danny Smith Memorial Park, before turning slightly northward, but rejoins the highway in the town of Trevlac.

It is named in honor of Frank X. McCloskey who was the Mayor of Bloomington from 1972-82 and served six terms in the US Congress as the representative of Indiana's Eighth District.


  • In February 2019, work was performed on the telephone poles between Woodbridge and Smith Road, restricting traffic at times to one lane. On the afternoon of February 12th, during construction, a telephone pole and large tree fell across the highway near Grandview Drive, blocking traffic for several hours. Traffic was routed through Grandview Hills. neighborhood.
  • In the 2nd half of 2018 a pedestrian crossing was added near Smith Road in between Eastern Heights and Tamarron neighborhoods. For the first couple months after installation the light malfunctioned when it rained and would self-trigger every 30 seconds.

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