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Read Hall

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Read Hall is named for Daniel Read and is located on the corner of Jordan Avenue and Jones Road, just across the street from Simon Music Center and the Musical Arts Center on the Indiana University campus. Due to its proximity, Read is a popular dorm for students in the Jacobs School of Music and the School of Education.


Built in 1955 as Smithwood Hall, this building was renamed Read Hall in 1962


Read is laid out in an "X" with four wings; Beck, Clark, Curry, and Landes. Read is a co-ed residence hall with men residing in the Beck and Curry wings and women living in the Clark and Landes wings. Read enjoys a fairly open environment as the wings from floors 2 through 6 connect through the "hub", as it is called. The rooms on floors 2 through 5 are mostly doubles, with two single rooms available at the ends of each floor, and are approximately the same size; the hub rooms are an exception as some are oddly shaped and larger than the wing rooms. The 6th floor rooms are all singles, and they are several feet shorter from the door to the window than the rooms on the lower floors. The floor lounges are also located in the hub. A unique feature to Read is that there are half-baths between each room. Most double rooms share a half-bath, although some singles have their own bathroom.

Read features three dining options. The smallest dining area (nicknamed the "Hoos") features mostly a la carte items such as fruit, chips, granola bars, etc. and some other meal options such as chicken strips or sandwiched. The Traditional dining area (affectionally nicknamed "Tradish") features a buffet-style dinner, with a grill line for sandwiches and burgers, as well as a salad bar option. El Bistro, the third dining area, was built to replace the McDonald's which had been there for many years, and recently opened in October 2007 in the basement of the Clark wing. El Bistro features three options for food: breakfast food, which includes waffles, omelettes, bagels, and muffins; Mexican food, including nachos and burritos in the style of Chipotle and Qdoba restaurants; Sandwiches in the style of Dagwood's Subs. El Bistro has been very well-recieved by the student body.


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