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Bloomington has many different kinds of businesses. Most of which are based on the college town atmosphere.


Looking for upscale, fashionable designer clothing that costs a couple of thousand a pop? Well, go to New York, not Bloomington. But do visit the Bloomington Downtown to find a variety of art galleries, shops, cafes, and specialty shops. Walk down Kirkwood Avenue to extend the experience, and top it off by stopping for dinner somewhere on 4th Street.

Or, visit either of the shopping centers located east and west of town.

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Caveat Emptor 2005-08-11.jpg

Caveat Emptor is a used bookstore located at 112 W. Walnut Street, on the east side of the courthouse square. Their hours are 11AM to 9PM Monday-Saturday and Noon to 5PM on Sunday, but as the sign on their door indicates they are "often open late". The staff tends to be helpful and enthusiastic about helping any customer find a book they might have stashed away somewhere in their overflowing collection of tomes. Their collection is very eclectic, containing books of fiction and non-fiction from a plethora of genres, and most books are for sale at a cost much lower than the same books would be new. Many out-of-print works or other rare volumes can be found amongst the horde.

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