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Old Man Breakfast Club

From Bloomingpedia

The Old Man Breakfast Club, a.k.a. OMBC, is a weekly meeting of nascent geography scholars in Bloomington. The club members, all having an old-mannish disposition, gather for breakfast at the Village Deli on Kirkwood Avenue in said city. The old men gather to talk obscure European soccer, complain about their students, and bitch about the air travel network, among other topics.

OMBC was founded in 2005 by Noriyuki Sato, Benjamin Shultz, Bradley Lane, and Brian Johnson. Other members Takatsugu Kobayashi, Jimmy “Gold Standard” Hayes, Shanon Donnelly, Steve Scott, Toddy Lindley (junior member), and Lisa Braverman.

Eventually, the ladies of the IU Geography Department started another breakfast hour - the Young Ladies Breakfast Club. But over the years, as both ladies and gentlemen graduated and moved away, the number of breakfasting geography students dwindled. Around 2008 the ladies and gentlemen pooled their resources to form the CoEd Breakfast Club.

The current commissar of the CoEd Breakfast Club is Jill Rickly.