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New Technology High School

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New Technology High School is a public high school that began operations in the fall of 2008. Rather than the traditional lecture-based curriculum, NTHS students work in a project-based model that emphasizes teamwork and collaboration. Class sizes are kept to 100 students in each grade; 400 students in all.

The word "Technology" in the name does not imply that students have a particular emphasis towards science, but rather that each workspace has a computer, and standard computer-based tools such as the Internet, email, and slide decks are used on a regular basis.

The school is located at 444 South Patterson Drive. Students requiring transportation take standard buses to Bloomington High School North or Bloomington High School South and then are bused to the school.


In 2006, the New Technology Foundation gave the MCCSC a $50,000 grant to explore bringing a new type of high school to the community. Schools sponsored by the foundation dispense with the traditional, lecture-based model and use a model based loosely on a professional workplace. As in a workplace, students have their own computers to use and work in small project teams rather than individually.

In January 2007 a group of teachers visited a NTHS in Napa, California. Initially the MCCSC had planned to open the school inside of South, but later when a building became available it was chosen.

Potential roadblocks included: the expense of computers for each student; the integration of the students into sports and other extracurricular activities; the question of how to choose the students that are allowed to enroll; and how to implement honors degrees.

There are at least three similar schools in Indiana.


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