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Monroe County Fall Festival

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The Monroe County Fall Festival is an Ellettsville event that takes place each September. The festival includes a parade, an auction, and several musical acts.

The festival dates from 1932. The first few years it was simply a 4-H fair for Richland Township, but when Ellettsville celebrated its centennial in 1937 it made the festival county-wide. It took place every year or two until 1970, was revived in 1987, and has been held annually since then.

2008 Monroe County Fall Festival Schedule

Past Fall Festival Queens
1935 Madge Middleton Pittsford
1936 Mildred Ratliff Alexander
1937 Martha Jean Byers Hanna
1938 Ruth Shinn Harris
1939 Betty Ratliff Ryan
1940 Betty Curry Jackson
1941 Bonnie Young Chitwood
1946 Lois Justis Curry
1947 Ruby DeWar Ryan
1948 Carolyn Kell Bastin
1949 Jean Cardwell Smith
1950 Nancy Olsson Ledger
1951 Shirley Woolery Davis
1952 Jackie Hicks Stanger
1953 Martha Williams Keller
1954 Pamela May Elsbury
1955 Donna Goodall McQuellon
1956 Judy Welsh Gamula
1957 Bernice Walker
1958 Brenda Richardson Bingaman
1959 Becky Kiser Johnson
1961 Sheila Jackson Rodriquez
1962 Janis DiBella Hayes
1963 Becky Gray Mills
1964 Glenda Niswander Stogsdill
1966 Patti Calvert
1968 Nikki Ragel Cook
1970 Debbie Baugh
1987 Charity Ray Cowden
1988 Deanna Sanders
1989 Lee Ann Franklin
1990 Jini Lynn Coffey
1991 Amy Fisher
1992 Adria Porter