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Mike Dixon

From Bloomingpedia

Michael Hart Dixon, also known as Dixroid, is a long-time resident of Bloomington, Indiana and a doctoral candidate in language education at Indiana University. Dixon is most recognizable sporting retro-framed spectacles and accompanied by some sort of electrical gadget or guitar. As Dixon himself has been quoted as saying, he is best summed up as “Just a dude on a quest to do some dude stuff.”



Dixon was born on June 22, 1977 in Provo, Utah. Dixon showed exceptional qualities at a very early age. When he was only two, he kept himself entertained with interesting projects. Dixon was not the type of child who needed other kids to come over, or who had to be given an art project to keep him busy. Every day was an exciting project for him. For several years, Dixon would wake up each day and decide who he was going to be that day: The Incredible Hulk, Superman, Han Solo, etc. He didn’t need elaborate costumes. If he was The Hulk, he would wear green pants and a green shirt. If he was Superman, he’d put on his Underoos over his clothes and wear a cape. Dixon would also make elaborate projects out of blocks and other toys. During this time, Dixon’s parents cannot recall him ever asking if a friend could come over and play, although he always enjoyed having people come to play with him. Dixon was happy to play by himself, or with his siblings, Greg and Liz. Dixon was always very tolerant of Greg, his little brother, but once when Greg had wrecked one of his projects, Dixon asked his mother if they could throw Greg away in the dumpster.

Dixon was fearless as a child, which made him a good soccer player. He had a tiny Big Wheel that he would ride down a hill behind the married student housing in North Carolina. The hill ended in a grove of trees and another little hill, and he would stick his legs out at the top of the hill and go full speed down it, turning at the very last moment.

Dixon’s musical qualities came out at an early age, but really blossomed the year he and his family lived in Brazil. When he was eleven, Dixon received a small guitar for Christmas, and he played it nonstop. Dixon’s early music was influenced by some tapes his family took with them to Brazil, including Donnie and Marie Osmond.

As an adult, Dixon is the closest thing to an ascetic as one can get. Dixon does not care a lot about material things, and in many ways focuses his life on art and the contemplation of ideals. While serving an internship in Ohio, his family came to visit and found that Dixon had been sleeping on the floor with nothing but a blanket and a pillow for weeks. Dixon was not bothered by his sleeping conditions, did not see it as an issue, and had never mentioned it to his family. While on his mission in Japan, Dixon would buy a giant bag of rice and just eat it slowly. (see “eating habits”). While his fellow missionaries were broke at the end of the mission, Dixon had enough money to buy himself a camera with the leftover funds. Dixon is a squirrel with money and does not need a lot of stuff to be happy. Electrical gadgets are the exception to this rule.

Fun Facts

The following is a list of particular moments Dixon’s sister recalled about Dixon growing up:

  • When he was little, we called him Michael, Michael Motorcycle.
  • When I was in second grade, he once brought me into his kindergarten class for show and tell.
  • He made an awesome gum collage on his bookshelf when he was in high school.
  • He collected those little pink plastic M.U.S.C.L.E. toys and made a display case for them. He also loved Garbage Pail Kids.
  • Mike loves testing out all different kinds of candy.
  • When I was a senior in high school and Mike was a sophomore, I once saw him walking through the hall at school and he had put his long hair in a pony tail on top of his head and had added several rubber bands along the length of his ponytail so that it stood straight up about 10 inches on his head. Everyone was looking at him and he clearly loved the attention. I pretended not to know him.
  • Mike claims that he doesn't do this, but I am convinced that he pretends like he doesn't have a sister. I once met his roommate Hector at a church function and I introduced myself as Mike's sister and Hector was surprised and said he didn't even know that Mike had a sister.
  • Mike made up a song to the tune of the theme song from the soap opera "Dallas". The only words are "Raisin Bran from Japan" over and over and over.
  • Mike has Pee Wee's Big Adventure memorized and to be funny once asked, "Where's the basement?" after a tour of Timpanogos Cave in Utah.

Eating Habits

Everyone remembers that dude in the fifth grade who would eat just about anything (his own snot, the bits of Little Debbies that had been on the lunchroom floor since last Tuesday, the gum stuck to the top of a locker, your snot, the flowers in the planter right outside your homeroom class, your other goofy friend’s snot, et cetera) for the mini-bag of Fritos or that Capri Sun your mom put in your lunch. Rumors of malnourishment and neglect may have kicked and swelled in your head, but probably not. The dude was just weird. Now, if you will, think hard of what someone like that is doing now; probably doing the same, except in a more responsible manner. That’s where we meet up with Mike Dixon.

There is no evidence that Dixon did any of the aforementioned acts, and no one is suggesting that he has. It’s just a good picture to rumble in your brain when you take into account what he has been known to eat in the presence of others. From chili powder-covered Mexican candy to Japan’s Pepsi Cucumber soda to hyper-questionable street vendor food (E.g., fruit dripping with hot sauce, and fly-covered papas fritas) to Turkish dill-flavored gum to the soy sauce-tasting beverage Malta Goya to basically adding his entire food cabinet into a smoothie to home-sprouted alfalfa to a spicy bean curd mix which labels “edible oil” and “water starch” as ingredients to an indeed proud fascination of all things “chili-lime”. He is kind of like a teenager rifling through the garage for household aerosols or a BFA of photography looking for airtight reasoning to explain why they are actually studying photography; but for obscure, usually imported food. More-often-than-not tossing away any caveats offered to him beforehand, he proceeds to eat what others of weaker character cringe uncontrollably at. And, let it be known, his instinct is usually right. (Tell me, was that ‘graph annoying to read? All that connecting-one-item-to-another nonsense, right? So, write down your comment and mail it to that P.O. Box in Tulsa. You know, the one we don’t like talking about.)

Now, take a walk with me as we join Mike at the grocery store. It’s accompanied by a full-hearted conversation delving into how much a single male should spend at the store each week. His concern is striking and filled with the utter sincerity we all wish we had towards anything. In perfect form it is concluded with the wistful feeling of being content with the amount paid. Examples of items bought include, but not limited to: Muesli, Kit-Kat bars, Salt-n-Vinegar chips, and fresh ginger root.

No one else can compare with this monster of an idiosyncratic diet, and maybe it’s because 1/8th of Mike is more pure and whole than anyone since time was first measured and appropriated. If there ever comes a day where we meet any other, you will join me in hoping they burn out all of our eyes.

I now send it over to the ever estimable, Ms. Dixon, for the sign off:

"The final example of his ascetic eating habits is a hotly debated story in our family. Mike claims he did this to be funny and to get me to go get groceries. I don’t buy that explanation. Here’s what happened. I came home, went into the kitchen and found Mike eating uncooked, hard, dry macaroni that he was dipping into Crisco—with relish*! I rest my case."

  • Not the mustard, vinegar, pickled cucumber condiment. Instead, used as a synonym for “an otherworldly ferocity."


Martin Luther once said, “We are all preachers, just sometimes we use words.” Mike Dixon is this type of believer. Dixon is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon), as is his family. From ages 19-21, Dixon served as a missionary to Japan for the Church. Relying on God as his teacher, he became proficient in the Japanese language and helped to introduce people to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Dixon once told a friend and fellow artist who was preparing to serve his mission to, “Make sharing the gospel your art for those 2 years.” Since returning from his mission, Dixon has served in callings for the church such as Sunday School President and Teacher, and Financial Clerk.

The LDS church teaches its people to coexist and live in a normal society without becoming a victim to temptations and worldly passions. By living “in” the world and not being “of” the world, judgmental attitude and self-righteousness is lifted and one can be respected for his or her own belief, as opposed to being criticized for it. Dixon subscribes to this way of life, and bears the testimony that, “The Gospel of Jesus Christ is tailored to the fabric of our lives.” Dixon is a humble and thoughtful servant of his Heavenly Father, and pays tribute and gratitude to God through the contemplation and talents with which he has been blessed.

Musical Career

Mike Dixon is a musician, recording engineer, and mixing engineer. Dixon began playing in rock bands as a teenager in West Lafayette, Indiana. Dixon has continued to perform in numerous bands from Indiana, most often playing electric guitar and singing. Dixon often plays on a modest set up consisting of vintage Fender Mustang and Fender Twin Reverb amplifier. This sound is best exemplified by listening to the earlier recordings by Candidate and Rapider than Horsepower. Dixon has at times incorporated digital effects processors and MIDI guitar pickups into his electric guitar set up. Dixon’s composition, recordings, and mixing are generally characterized by bombastic, dynamic, and grandiose arrangements often featuring improvisational explorations and collaborations with other musicians. Dixon has also created compositions that are lyrical, slow, lethargic, yet also impeccably detailed. Mike Dixon’s latest pieces have become increasingly aware of computer technology, algorithmic music, and electronics.

Memorable Performances

Dixon is a natural performer, from the karaoke stage to his own living room. Some of Mike’s most memorable performances, according to his dad, include: singing “La Bamba” in Spanish to audition for the children’s opera, “Noah’s Ark”; a blue-ribbon rendition of “Marche Militair” on the string bass for a Junior High contest; performing “That’s Not My Baby, That’s Mr. Potato Head,” with Candidate; doing the Pee Wee “Tequila” dance in full costume; nailing Roy Orbison’s “Crying” on the karaoke stage; performing with Rapider than Horsepower in Bloomington, IN; and recording the hymn written by his grandfather, “Our Savior’s Love,” on the guitar. Other performances include Dixon playing a show with a wii remote strapped onto his head, dressing up like a ghost with the rest of Rapider than Horsepower for a show on Halloween, and covering Andy Kaufman’s “I trusted you,” at Rhino’s with Prayer Breakfast.

Musician Testimonials

"Because of Mike Dixon’s work with legendary Indianapolis hardcore band Usurpe Synapse, many other Indianapolis and regional hardcore bands wanted him to work on their records. One of such bands was called See It Through, and they hired Mike Dixon to make their record at Russian Recording in the summer of 2006. Mike Bridavsky, Russian Recording’s proprietor, spent that weekend out of town. While on his way back to Indiana, on the last day of See It Through’s session, Bridavsky received a call from his landlord with a report of firearms being shot off at the studio. As you might expect, Mike B panicked. Dixon on a shooting spree? Awesome. Unfortunately it wasn’t Dixon… what happened was that after Dixon put on his flip flops and left at the end of the day, Will Koster (the intern) had told the young men in See It Through that guns get shot for no good reason in Brown County all the time. Coincidentally, the young men in See It Through had a van full of semi-automatic firearms. So naturally, after Mike Dixon had left the session, they proceeded to shoot their guns off behind the studio because that’s what straight-edge hardcore kids do in their free time. When they heard police sirens, they fled. Thankfully nobody got hurt, and Mike B’s landlord is a stand up guy and didn’t evict him."

"Mike Dixon holds the record for setting off the alarm at the studio. This is ok, cause it lets Mike B know that the system is working properly, and it’s kind of exciting to think that all that money invested in the system might actually pay off… although no one has ever actually ever broken in, except for the UPS guy once, but that’s an entirely different story that doesn’t involve Mike D. The most amusing alarm incident was when Mike D was recording his own band Prayer Breakfast while Mike B was out of town. While on vacation, Mike B received a call from the security people saying that the fire alarm has gone off. Of course he panicked… again. Should he tell them to go ahead and send the fire department? He makes the decision to send them, better safe than sorry. He then calls Mike Dixon to see if he knows what’s going on (the most amusing part about these alarm incidents is that when you call the person who is responsible for setting off the alarm, all you can hear is this blazingly loud alarm while you’re trying to talk the person, who is usually totally freaking out from the ungodly loud noise coming from the alarm panel). As it turns out, the fine men of Prayer Breakfast were simply making pizza. Delicious pizza. Probably Digiorno. Who ever heard of pizza for breakfast? Anyhow, the pizzas must have caught on fire or something. Dixon was given the responsibility of calling the fire department to let them know that they successfully put out the pizza fire themselves, and there was no need to respond to the call. The end."

"I met Mike Dixon in West Lafayette, IN circa '94. Our bands were playing together at a small venue just across the railroad tracks, and I was immediately struck by this band's sincerity. The lead singer (Dixon) played a Fender Mustang, which was hanging on his body like a satchel, being strummed/picked with the most interesting efficiency and care. The chords he chose were different, and we knew that this wasn't just another group thrashing about. When he sang, our eyes opened - because he had a sense of humor and presence that came together naturally and made complete sense when the lyrics were put in context. Of course my band/friends had to know who this guy was and what he was about - so we invited them all out for coffee at the West Lafayette Denny's. And there it began. The boys from Candidate and all of us....realizing that two groups of folks could be so similar and have known nothing about one another. Mike and I would later refer to these memories as true "Hoosier moments." Since that cup of coffee (water for Mike) at Denny's, I've never stopped keeping tabs on Mike Dixon. My friendship with him has been so much more than just good music, its been a learning experience to understand just what else really makes Mike tick. He's not the easiest guy to get an answer out of, and don't even think of asking for an explanation. But behind all the mystery lies a truly caring and innocent young boy, exploring his world one song at a time."


  • Drift: Mike Dixon, guitar; Francisco Cutter, bass guitar, vocals; Stan Jones, drums.
    Demo Tape
      1. Lot’s Wife
  • Candidate: Mike Dixon, guitar & vocals; Greg Dixon, drums, violin & vocals; Jerry Atwood, bass guitar.
    Demo (1994):  Recorded by Andrew Beddini, Urbana, IL
      1. About Missing
      2. Hectic Fire
      3. Bed
      4. Violence
      5. ??
      6. No More Needles
    7” (Parks and Records):  Recorded by Gym at D.I.Y. Studios, Indianapolis, IN.
      1. One for David Amram
      2. Intervention
      3. Aileron
      4. Voice-Over Stars
    Urinine Records Presents! More Than You Bargained For:  The 144 Minute CD (URN-CD-001)
      1. (Side Right)
      2. About Missing
      3. No More Needles
    Simple Harmonic Motion cd (Three Going East):  Recorded Sept. 22, 1996- Feb. 1, 1997 at D.I.Y. Studios, Indianapolis, IN by Gym.
      1. Dull Roar
      2. Spindle
      3. Sweet Dreams and Migraine Headaches
      4. Static
      5. Capital!  I’ve Got It
      6. Tacoma Narrows
      7. Radio Polynesia
      8. Sharing Germs
      9. Dovetail
     10. Paris
     11. The Sting
     12. Candle Light Dinner
  • Rep Seki: Mike Dixon, guitar, vocals; Travis Chance, Don Kirkland, Josh Bonati.
    Usurp Synapse/ Rep Seki split 5” (magister ludi records 006), 2000.  Mike Dixon, recording engineer.
      3. Cipher in The Snow
    Various Artists- Songs of the Dead II  (And Here My Troubles Began 007), 2000.
     13. That What I Call Jujitsu
    Rep Seki LP (Alone Records 068)
      1. The Love of a Woman Will Be Your Salary
      2. Snowman and Bear Sun Mr. Sun Mr. Sun Give Us Karo Syrup
      3. Grampus the Postmans Name is Jessie Absolutely No Good
      4. Soft Like a Flower
      5. Let’s Keep This a Secret Oh My Pretty
      6. The Language of the Ainu Tribe
      7. Oh My Kokoro I Am So Sorry
      8. Fruit Retirement Yong Shin Ate the Karo Syrup
      9. Cut It Out That’s Weird
     10. Let’s Say Hi at the Convenience Store
     11. Don’t Watch Too Much TV
     12. In the Middle of the Snow
     13. Fearsome Sea Mammal
     14. I Wonder If the Legs Apparatus Is Jealous
     15. I’ve Become Used to that American Smell
     16. What Are You Talking About?
     17. Hit My Forehead Too
     18. Lazy Red Snapper
     19. Orcas Suck They Should Go Back to the Ocean
     20. The Moon Makes a Funny Face Toonight
     21. Brave Men Don’t Eat Out
     22. Don’t’ Watch Too Much Terebi
  • Mt. Gigantic (Old Smiler): Mike Dixon, bass (Old Smiler); Justin Vollmar, Erin Tobey, Wayne Jason Wayne, Matt Tobey, Dorey Fox, Justin Clifford Rhody. Recorded by Mike Dixon.
  • Rapider Than Horsepower: Mike Dixon, guitar, vocals; Chris Saligoe, guitar; Mike Anderson, vocals; Rob Smith, drums; Josh Bonati, drums; Jeremy Kennedy, drums; Greg Dixon, violin; Jim Zespy.
    Stage Fright, Stage Fright (SA Records 08), 2003.
      1. Feed That Ego!  Watch it Grow!
      2. Rock Against Mapquest
      3. No Boat No Burn
      4. Are You as Come?
      5. I Have Never Played the Monkey Part
      6. My Baby’s Boogie Is the Baddest
      7. Ditties
      8. Free the Human Race
      9. Saddle Up!
     10. Hey Fancy Pants
     11. I Blame It On The System
     12. Lick Me on the Face, It Feels Funny
    This Is My Big Night (SA records 09), 2003.
      1. I Can’t Survive Without My Beat Box
      2. Especially If It Helps You Breathe
      3. Cookie Cone Crossfire
      4. Yeah, Right
      5. Dude Poverty
      6. Stage Right, Stage Fright, This Is My Big Night
      7. Leprechauns, Our Peaceful Leader
      8. The Baddest I Ever Did See
      9. Yr Money Maker’s Just Not the Same
     10. Reprise
     11. Ain’t Never, Never
    Rapider Than The World (Alone Records 060), 2005
      1. Hungry Eyes
      2. Now It’s Deserted
      3. Who’s Ego? My Ego!
      4. The Boss’ Girl
      5. Where Am I Going?
      6. Mike Bell A.K.A. Tanklin
      7. Guitars and Drums
      8. Not Me
      9. Wonder Why?
    Confuse Yr Idols- A Tribute to Sonic Youth (Narnack Records 7019-2)  Recorded by Mike Dixon & Jim Zespy.  Mixed by Mike Dixon.
      7. Little Trouble Girl
    The Mae Shi/ Rapider than Horsepower Don’t Ignore the Potential; Split LP/CD (S.A.F. Records 33)
      1. (8) Split LP with Mae Shi
      2. The Real Party
      3. Look at Me
      4. Testify
      5. Ooooooohhhhhhhh
      6. Something Dirty
      7. Ha-Chew
      8. $15.99
      9. Radio Activity
     10. Slow Motion and Descent
  • DKG Sleep Trio: Mike Dixon, guitar, voice, palm OS; Jeremy Kennedy, electronics; Carlos Gonzales, bass guitar, voice, percussion, effects.
  • Prayer Breakfast: Mike Dixon, guitar, vocals; Mike Adams, guitar, vocals; Jared Cheek, guitar, keyboard; Justin Vollmar, bass; Dave Segedy, drums. Recorded by Mike Dixon. Mixed & mastered by Mike Dixon. 2007.
    Small American
      1. Soon Enough
      2. Can You Still Make Clover Crowns
      3. Are We Ready to Leave
      4. When I Learn to Sing
      5. Holy Bees & Holidays & Fresh Snow
      6. Unexpected Things

Engineering Discography

Andy Dick Tracy Morgan Freeman [1]

Delay [2]

Good/Bad [3]

Good Luck

Los Gatos Negros [4]

Madeline [5]

Pretty Hot [6]

Prayer Breakfast

Raccoo-oo-oon [7]

Rapider Than Horsepower [8]

See It Through [9]

Strom [10]

The Max Levine Ensemble [11]

Thin Fevers [12]

Acting Career

Dixon has a burgeoning career as an actor in independent films. As an actor, Dixon’s trademark is his ability to improvise dialogue, following whatever twisting thread of thought catches his attention. When the members of Bloomington’s 19th State Productions started planning their 2006 short, Puzz, Dixon was their first choice for the part of “Pogo Watson,” a pogo stick obsessed eccentric. While the scene in the final film is only a couple minutes long, 19th State wound up with enough quality material to stitch together five minutes of outtakes, during which Dixon riffs on the Challenger disaster, Japanese subways, crossing the White River on a pogo stick capped with cork, and the Voyager spacecraft.

Selected Filmography

2008: Overhead Tomahawk: Mike Dixon plays “Mike,” an amateur frolfer. He loses, and the devil kisses his belly. Directed by Torlando Hakes. 10 minutes.

2007: Cake Cake Cake: Mike Dixon plays “Mike,” a tormented birthday boy who just wants some cake. Directed by 19th State Productions. 10 minutes.

2006: Puzz: Mike Dixon plays “Pogo Watson,” pogo enthusiast and one-time puzzle solver. Directed by 19th State Productions. 20 minutes.


Personal Blog

Dixon posts on his personal blog cite, “Fuller, Go Easy on the Pepsi!”. The title of this blog is a reference to the classic movie, Home Alone. Kevin McCallister is forced to sleep in the hide-a-bed with his cousin Fuller, who wets the bed if he has too much to drink, which is eluded to when Fuller's mom tells him to "Go easy on the Pepsi." One can only speculate as to why Dixon chose this particular quote for the heading of his personal blog. Perhaps it is because he feels a deep connection to Fuller, or Kevin; or he believed that choosing this particular movie line would bring more people to his blog as they google the quote; or maybe he just likes it. Dixon’s posts never fail to be interesting, thought provoking, or chuckle-worthy. Posts vary in subjects, from religion to personal revelations to awkward experiences and stories from his past, but most concern daily happenings in Dixon’s life. Reoccurring posts include Dixon’s “Cavemen Movie Reviews,” which involve brief summaries of films Dixon recently viewed, and usually written in incomplete sentences and thoughts. Dixon’s choice to review movies as though he were a caveman reflects the deep personal connection that Dixon feels with the simplicity and primitiveness of the caveman. Dixon also posts doodles and drawings that consist of either a comic that portrays Dixon’s thoughts, or designs that Dixon creates, characteristically made up of “flame waves” and other elaborate, abstract designs.

Made in Japan

Dixon also posts a blog for Make Magazine. Because of Dixon’s expansive knowledge of the Japanese language and culture and DIY projects, Dixon was a dream candidate for the open position as a blogger for Make Magazine’s newest venture into Japanese DIY projects. “Made in Japan” is a weekly installment composed of the latest trends in Japanese DIY projects. Dixon never fails to provide the most innovative and intriguing ventures arising from Japan for his readers. Posts include content ranging from plastic bottle armor, how to grow heart-shaped cucumbers, the world’s smallest co-axial helicopter, a bathroom stall nap net, and wirelessly tracking hot water usage to check on the elderly in their homes. Readers of “Made in Japan” have observed Dixon’s whimsical interpretation and fascination with creative projects, testifying that Dixon’s commentary on Japanese DIY projects leaves them feeling like enchanted children. There are currently 19 installments of "Made in Japan," with more to come.


“Mike Dixon can play any pop song ever written on his acoustic guitar, and he can do it on the spot. You can request anything. “Bootylicious,” “Yellow Submarine,” “Enter Sandman,” whatever, and he will play it verbatim on the guitar, and he will know most, if not all, of the lyrics. I have never been more singularly impressed by any one human’s musical ability than on the night Dixon first demonstrated this completely shocking and somewhat appalling talent to me while camping in Deam Wilderness.” -Will Rose

“Mike has been one of the coolest roommates I’ve ever had. He’s always fermenting all kinds of unknown concoctions in his room, and we swear to it that the DVD controller is somewhere hidden amongst his computer motherboards and other random stuff. My fondest memories are of him casually pacing back and forth between the kitchen and his room in just his undies. His old, worn down, brown, nasty sweatpants are my favorite (his pj’s). We even went as far as one day having a complete conversation while he was spread eagle on his bed in just his briefs. Yeah, I was at the doorway and Mike’s crotch was staring me right in the face. Awkward and unsure how to react, I remembered that it was Mike, and it was then I realized, ‘Damn, Mike’s a cool roommate. It’s good to know he feels that comfortable around me.'” These and many other memories are what make Mike ‘Mike.’ Happy Birthday man! I’m gonna miss you!” -Hector Orton

“One time Mike Adams and James Mann kept talking about this guy, ‘Mike Dixon,’ and how cool he was. They talked about him for months, and even years, before I met him. I would say, ‘Who’s Mike Dixon?’ and they’d say, ‘Dude, you don’t know Mike Dixon?! He’s where it’s at.’ Then I’d say, ‘Oh,' and we’d leave it at that. After a year or so of that interaction, things changed. Mike and James were talking about this mythical ‘Mike Dixon’ and I said, 'Who, Dixroid?’ I met Mike Dixon shortly after that. He said, ‘Hi,' and I said, ‘Dixroid!’ Things haven’t been the same since." –Tim Felton

“One time I watched the Super Bowl at Mike’s house, and when we stopped watching the Puppy Bowl during a break, Michael Anderson left.” -Colleen Rose

“Usually when you meet people that know a lot about music, or have played in notable bands, or record many notable bands, or all three, they tend to be on the ‘too-cool-for-school,’ mean side. Not Mike Dixon! He is an exceptional exception to that rule. He is way cooler than school, yet he’s enrolled! And getting his PhD! To me, this is a mondo extreme high level of cool. His guitar playing? The best. His knowledge? Vast. His hair? Unique and neat. His example for me (as a young dude)? Positive. His voice? Great. His blogs? Outta sight. His past? Impressive. His future? Bright; very bright.” -Dave Segedy

“While sitting around his apartment watching a knock off of America’s Funniest Home Videos, Mike commented on the search results of googling his name. He said that the first result was for a character from the British soap opera “Brookside.” Little did Mike know that a time was coming where British homemakers would be googling their favorite soap hunk only to find that the first search result was this very bloomingpedia page about him. Another victory over the Brits, thanks to Mike Dixon- A True Patriot.” -Maggie Paino

“Mike Dixson, a.k.a. Dixroid or Roid Rage, was born over three decades ago, and has never weighed over 105 pounds. He once had to stand naked on his head so that he could weigh less. He is known to speak, at minimum, five different languages, being: English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and the Language of Love. No one has ever been able to understand his uncanny ability to lay triangle shaped blocks onto any hexagonal board while at the same time blocking others from doing the same. He is also known as a very smart person, and this would partly be due to the fact that there is no other current person attending college that has been doing so longer than Mike Dixson.” -James Mann

"Known and loved by thousands of people the world over, Michael Hart Dixon is a prolific 21st century man who, as a brightly shining beacon of awesomeness, uplifts, enlightens, and inspires any lady or gentleman lucky enough to have the privilege of encountering this vigorously robust fellow. A truly exceptional young man, Michael Hart Dixon possesses more skills, creativity, knowledge, and sheer amiability than an entire room full of ordinary folks. While being a true man's man who enjoys adventure, heavy metal, and orneriness, Mike Dixon is also a kind and compassionate citizen who cares greatly for his family and friends. He is a wonderful person to have in your corner, even if you are not a boxer." –Jared Cheek

"Some people sometimes know just a little too much about one thing. You’re not alone if these people make you nervous. Whether it’s about the intricacies of water shorting-out electronics and what will happen if you plug the cord back in, or honey. If you say the words “Haphaestus” and “Iceburn” in the same sentence, ready yourself for Mike will give you a sinisterly wicked, and somewhat collegiate breakdown of an album by an obscure band from God’s summer retreat, Salt Lake City, Utah. You won’t be able to understand a quarter of it, but you’ll feel like you’re listening in on something that will be important when the day comes to answer to Peter at the Gates, and you’ll know that Mike was on to something. When you leave you’ll wonder why and how you ever lived without the album and the subsequent discussion. Also, can you say you are one of the three thousand who own the limited edition 4-LP Metallica box-set? Probably not. Mike can." -Andrew Restrepo

"You can call Mike Dixon "Dixroid". This is because he has roid rage (or at least that's what I've heard). Dixroid is good at Blokus Trigon. Well, at least he impressed me by having pre-named each individual game piece." -Carrie Felton

"Mike is passionate, creative, and always up to or for something--root beer, MIDI, Metallica covers, The Peanut Butter Solution, you name it. He can transform any time into an event or occasion that brings people together. A true polymath and a great friend with a heart of gold…or kombucha." -Neil Ragsdale

"While in the US Army, I reached out to Mike Dixon via email to let him know that though I hadn't talked to him in quite awhile, I thought of him frequently and hoped he was well. We struck up a pen-pal relationship, and I had planned to see him on a trip home to Indiana. That trip came and went, and I was unable to see him. My email apology went something like this, 'Mike, sorry I missed you man. It's hard to spread that ass around, you understand. Talk soon.' To this day, for whatever reason, Mike has remembered this note and still laughs about it. Happy birthday Mike. You're old, all makes sense. Let's get this done." -Rob Smith

“I had heard that Mike Dixon was good at Spanish. So, I asked him to help me with my Spanish homework one semester. He agreed to help me, but when I asked him how he had learned Spanish he said that he didn't know it that well. But it turns out Mike Dixon is the best non-Spanish speaking Spanish tutor I've ever had. He helped me pass Spanish 250 with flying colors. We also learned a lot about Kiko Ledgard! Uno Dos Tres!” -Jennie Orr

“I told Lucy Robinson that I wanted to be friends with Mike Dixon and she said he would totally be friends with me. I began with a business relationship -- "Want to start a podcast, Mike D.?" Really, I wanted the name of the podcast to be The Funavoidable Future, but Mike thought The Fine Art of Doing was the name. I came over with a recording of a "pop song" that I had recorded and I didn't want to play it because I was afraid it wasn't the right kind of stupid to be funny. Mike listened and he didn't really laugh too much. The song was called "You Want my Money". During that time period, Mike invented the wikihaircut. He carried scissors and allowed anyone to edit. He was still very handsome although sometimes naziesque in his 'do. Also during that time, one of his professors (in a class where he was an AI) told him to spit out his gum. I suspect the wikihaircut and the gum chewing combined were not the right kind of stupid to be funny in the academic community. Who's laughing now? We all are, because we're so happy that Mike Dixon exists.” -Kristin Peach

“Get ready for the mush! Even though Mike and I have only been friendies for a short time now, I can honestly say that he is at the top of the list of people that I am delighted to see at any given time. Mike has a keen ability to make newbies like myself feel welcome and at home! At times I cannot wipe the smile off my face around this dude, and he is definitely the life of any party. And obvi, I'm glad that we have the same pop culture priorities. Dixon deserves one fine birthday. P.S. I had a crush on him for 1 day!” -Jenn Jameson

“That Mike Dixon, he is a pretty cool guy. For starters, he kind of looks like George McFly, and who doesn't like George McFly? I mean he punched Biff and got the girl. Secondly, he has mastered this snap thing that he does with his hand that is so cool. At the exact right time, he will do this snap thing and the room is just silent in awe of his skills. He can also walk on stilts, and let me tell you, that is something to see. He just hopped right on those things like he was born knowing how to do it. But the thing that really makes Mike Dixon so cool is that every Thursday night he offers me a little bit of relief from hearing the same old, boring Mike Adams songs that I have to hear day in and day out!” -Jessica Adams

“Mike reminds me of that old saying, 'Why does a dog lick his balls? Because he can.'” -Lucy Robinson

“I saw this dude slam dunk a cave.” -Luke Shumard

“I can't really remember the first time I actually met Mike Dixon. I think that's because we had all kinds of friends in common, and I would hear about him all of the time and read his livejournal and google him and stuff, so I probably kind of felt like I already knew him by the time we actually met. One of the earliest Mike Dixon-related memories I have is of David Orr....David came over to my house one afternoon and said ‘Dude, listen to these songs. They're Mike Dixon's songs,’ or something like that. David knew I liked good music. We listened to a couple of songs from the Rep Seki album, and I loved them. At the time, I really only knew Mike Dixon in passing, but from that moment I thought, ‘Man, I gotta get to know this guy,’ or something along those lines anyway. I mean, because I loved the songs, yeah, but also because I thought he seemed like a nice fellow that could be trusted. So, anyway, on down the road, I start to get to know Mike Dixon a little better here and there; we'd get together with our friends and watch a movie, or everyone would play some board games and I'd watch, or we'd go bowling or know. So one day, Jared Cheek moves to town and he and I start hanging out a lot; going to peoples' homes for dinner, or going out to eat, or making some food together, that kind of thing. One time, while we were grabbing a bite, Jared and Mike Dixon are talking about getting a band going. I was eaves dropping. I told them that if they let me in the band, then we could practice at my house. They reluctantly agreed. So, we started getting together and ordering pizza and hanging out all the time and watching movies and playing some songs. Now we have the best band in history, and I've been able to get to know Mike Dixon better than ever. He's a kind gentleman who likes to have a good time and get to know people. Sometimes we even call each other on the telephone! It's nice to be a fan of what someone creates, but it's even nicer when that person becomes your friend, and I'm glad to call Mike Dixon my friend.” –Mike Adams

“I met Mike Dixon in 2002. He is one of those dudes that as soon as you meet him, you want to be his friend. Why? Because he is an amazingly unique and brilliant person. This is not a subjective opinion either, it’s a FACT. I didn’t even know him, but I could tell that he was no ordinary flip-flop sporting schmo. At that time in my life, at the fresh age of 22, I was relatively clueless to the world of underground music. Mike Dixon was a mentor and a guide, and introduced me to some of my favorite records of all time. But most of all, he inspired me to start making music again (I don’t think he knows this), and his music got me excited about recording, which is why I went to extremes to try to get him to let me record his band, for free. Besides being a brilliant musician and having brutally awesome hair, Mike is a true friend. He has gone out of his way to ensure that my cats don’t starve, he has watched over my home and studio while I was away, and he always answers his phone when you need someone to talk to. Salut! Mike Dixon.” -Mike Bridavsky

"I could totally take Dixon at Blokus." -Becky Drolen

“Really, what can one say about the wardrobe of Michael Dixon? A cross between Mister Rogers and some dude from the 50's, Mike continually impresses the female population of Bloomington with his offbeat, yet ever so charming style. If you are lucky, you might just catch him strutting his stuff in impromptu fashion shows for his roommates.” -Emily Pacini

“Mike Dixon has been a part of my life since I've been a part of Bloomington. So, it's hard to imagine life here without him. He's one of those rare souls who knows how important it is, and how to be a friend. Since we first met and started playing music together in Mt. Gigantic, and through all the changing Bloomington faces, knowing Mike has always kept the perspective clear. Playing music with him now in Prayer Breakfast makes me realize just how special it is to find a kindred spirit.” -Justin Vollmar

"In addition to directing and starring in his own short films and music videos (see postings by hoosierillusion on Youtube), Mike Dixon has been known to challenge his friends to some good old-fashioned leg wrestling. To play this game, two contestants lie down on their backs side by side in opposite directions, with their feet at their opponent's head. The players count off to 3, lifting their leg closest to the opponent each time. When they reach 3, they cross their legs and intertwine them, and begin to push against their opponent's leg, attempting to flip him or her over without moving the other parts of their body. Those close to Michael recognize his incredible talent in this event. Although Michael has never competed in any professional leg wrestling tournaments (if they even exist), it is generally agreed that he is one of the premier (if not the best) leg wrestlers in Monroe and Tippecanoe counties." -Jordan Butler

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