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Michael Flanigan

From Bloomingpedia

Michael was born July 29th, 1942 in Champaign, Illinois. He became notable as a poet in 1960s for his association with figures such as Charles Olson and by becoming a university educator despite lacking a formal education.

Michael had been discovered by John ‘Jack’ Clarke in the early sixties. Jack Clarke was at that time a professor at the University of Illinois. Despite having only a ninth grade education Jack was instrumental in securing Michael admission and a full scholarship at the University. Only a year later Jack would go to Buffalo New York to work with Charles Olson, convincing Michael to go with him. In 1969 Michael became the first Poet in Residence at State University College in Buffalo. He retained the position for three years, earning the faculty merit award twice and becoming a lifelong member of the student government.

Michael settled near Bloomington in the early 1990s. He had published nine volumes of poetry that are now out of print. In early 2008 he signed a publicity and management contract with Sundown Media Concepts LLC (SDMC). Michael is currently hosting an internet radio talk show called Poetry is for People.