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Mathers Stone Company

From Bloomingpedia

The Mathers Stone Company ran a quarry located between Clear Creek and Sanders.

Although the company was organized in 1892, no opening was made until 1895. The quarry was about half a mile northeast of the Acme Quarry. The stone was not terribly effective for building, having quite a bit of brittle flint in it, but there was probably 40 feet of marketable stone. 15 channelers were in operation in the quarries.

In 1903, lawyer Daniel Kirkwood Miers, son of Robert Miers, became secretary and treasurer of the company.

In 1905, the general offices were moved to Chicago and the quarry underwent major upgrades. A new mill was installed, as well as saws, planers, cranes, and a cutting yard. They employed 100 men that year, and built twenty houses and a large hotel to accommodate their workmen.

Henry Woolery was superintendent of the company before leaving to open his own mill.