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Marsh Supermarket (3516 W. 3rd St.)

From Bloomingpedia
Front entrance on a Tuesday Afternoon

This Marsh Supermarket is the west side Marsh location in Bloomington. It opened in 1977. From common observance, it is not as popular as the other Marsh stores or the other supermarkets in the area. Nevertheless, when the Marsh company decided to revamp their image and renovate their stores and close one in Bloomington, they decided to close the south side location instead of this location.

Parking lot

The parking lot at this Marsh location is probably the most complicated parking lot in the city, if not the nation. It may have been some of the cause for it not being as popular as the other Marsh locations in Bloomington. The problem is that at the entrance, there are divisions between the different roads that you can take. to either go to Marsh, turn left along the frontage road in front of Big Lots or go right over to the strip malls to the east of Marsh. Since the lot is more built for helping you exit onto 3rd Street, it makes it difficult to go anywhere else, like from the frontage road to Marsh, or towards the two smaller strip malls. This forces people to make some questionably legal maneuvers.

Store locations