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Marching Hundred

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The Marching Hundred was founded at Indiana University in 1896 as a small band of 22 musicians. The group grew until reaching a block size of 100 in the mid 1920's and was nicknamed the Marching One-Hundred. The band soon grew past 100 members and the name was slightly adjusted to the Marching Hundred, or simply the Hundred. The Hundred now boasts numbers that fluctuate between 300 and 330 members. The Hundred served the nation during World War II by training soldiers who were barracked on campus formation marching.


The Director of the Hundred since 1993 is David C. Woodley, his immediate predecessor was Stephen W. Pratt. The band is part of the Jacobs School of Music and benefits from the school's world wide reputation. Members of the Hundred can audition for spots in the Big Red Pep Band and Crabb Band, the other athletic bands.

Every year at the IU Homecoming, the Marching Hundred Alumni take to the field and march a short pregame and halftime show with the "Junior Band". The Alumni Band boasts members who were in the Hundred over five decades ago.

The Hundred is supported by the Kappa Kappa Psi service fraternity and the Tau Beta Sigma service sorority.

The Hundred has been granted special privleges by Douglas Porter at IU's campus Parking Operations to allow them park in certain A and C zoned lots without permits, much to the chagrin of those who purchased permits to park in these lots near their workplace. *Hundred members WERE required to have university permits, and special parking was only allowed from 3:30pm - 6:00pm during rehearsal days.

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