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Maple Grove Road Historic District

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The Maple Grove Road Historic District consists of 600 acres and a dozen 19th century farmsteads. Maple Grove Road, for which the district is named, appears on Monroe County's earliest known map in 1856.

The district is of historical interest for the many limestone buildings in the area, and for the surprising number of "dry wall" fences - fences that consist of flat limestone rocks laid on top of each other without mortar.

The district was named one of most endangered by the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana. Concern is based upon sprawl and increased traffic that potentially could affect the structures and rustic character of the area.

It was Monroe County's first rural historic district listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Some of the areas of interest include:

  • Daniel Stout house
  • Zellers farmstead
  • Ben Owens farm
  • Bluegrass stone walls
  • Tom Owens house
  • Old Fyffe farmstead
  • Maple Grove Christian Church and Cemetery
  • Dalten-Clipp farmstead
  • Whisenand-Peden farmstead
  • Ira Stanger farmstead
  • Carr Stanger farmstead
  • Wampler farmstead
  • Delap-Fyffe farmstead
  • Ridge farmstead

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