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Ivy Tech Community College

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Ivy Tech Community College is a statewide community college with 23 campuses in Indiana. It was first formed in 1963 as a vocational-technical school named Indiana Vocational Technical College, later shortened to Ivy Tech. In 1995, it became Ivy Tech State College, and in 2005, was rechartered as Ivy Tech Community College.

The current Bloomington campus is at 200 Daniels Way, and was opened August 14th, 2002. The school also leases space for auxiliary classrooms at 1907 Liberty Drive from Wininger Stolberg.

Ivy Tech Community College Mission

As a statewide, open-access, community college, Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana provides residents of Indiana with professional, technical, transfer, and lifelong education for successful careers, personal development, and citizenship. Through its affordable, quality educational programs and services, the College strengthens Indiana's economy and enhances its cultural development.

Faculty and Staff at Ivy Tech

Various names since establishment

Indiana Vocational Technical College

Formed in 1963, Indiana Vocational Technical College retained this name for a brief time until being renamed to Ivy Tech.

Ivy Tech

Soon after formation, the school shortened its name to just Ivy Tech.

Ivy Tech State College

In 1995, the school changed names again to Ivy Tech State College.

Ivy Tech Community College

2005 saw the most recent name change of the school to Ivy Tech Community College.

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