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Information in Place, Inc.

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Logo of Information in Place, Inc.


Information in Place, Inc. (IIPI), a privately-held C Corporation, was formed in 1999 by faculty and researchers of Indiana University after several years of research at the University’s Center for Excellence in Education on using mobile and wearable computers for learning. The Company’s employees come from some of Indiana University’s foremost programs: instructional systems technology, computer science, library and information science, and business. To sustain its technology edge, the Company mentors student interns and fosters close working relationships with faculty at Indiana University Bloomington, IUPUI, Purdue University, and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. The company offers products and services to enhance operational performance through the intersection of human performance technology, advanced instructional theory and innovative computer technology. On the leading-edge of the company’s computer technology, IIPI has developed mixed and augmented reality offerings that combine virtual information with the real world. The company is productizing its core capabilities, developed through bootstrapped growth, to serve its target markets and is now launching its latest offerings, Viyant, Vicarus, PickIT, IIPI Nexus, and serious games solutions. IIPI was the first recipient of the Fuse Business Innovation Bloomington Innovative Business of the Year award, has been listed as one of Indiana’s most innovative companies by the Kelley School of Business, frequently is selected as a member of the Military Training Technology Top 100, and has been published by Wired Magazine as a top innovator. The company serves as the anchor tenant for the state-sponsored Bloomington Certified Technology Park.

Contact information

Indiana University Research Park
501 N. Morton Street
Suite 206
Bloomington, IN 47404
Telephone: (812) 856-4202
Fax: (810) 454-6969

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