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Ian Uriel Girdley

From Bloomingpedia

Ian Uriel Girdley, known to some as The Whiskey Poet because of his habit of carrying a bottle of whiskey to share (but mostly for himself) to poetry and other events, is a poet spawned from the rich poetry scene of Bloomington. His poetic involvements in Bloomington include participating in MATRIX events, the Three Headed Dog, organizing the Drunk and Unpublished poetry series, reading for "A Cycle Of Poets", a show on WFHB hosted by Jenny Kander and Andy Alphonse, and organizing various other poetry events with his colleague and good friend Dennis Ray Powell, Jr.

He has been published in various print and online journals and anthologies, as well as having published four chapbooks. He currently runs Syzygy Poets group to promote poetry music and the arts in Indiana and the surrounding area, and continues his involvement with the literary arts in Bloomington and his current residence in Jeffersonville, IN.