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Humanetrix Foundation, Inc.

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About Humanetrix

Humanetrix (prounounced like "human net tricks") is a Bloomington-based non-profit organization. Officially, Humanetrix Foundation, Inc., Humanetrix was founded in 2002 by Rick Dietz, Larry Mongin and Ryan Dietz. Humanetrix was created to provide technologists an umbrella for creative public interest projects.

The Humanetrix mission is to mobilize technologists to improve themselves and their community. Humanetrix develops public interest technology tools and provides educational opportunities for technologists. Humanetrix activities primarily serve the Bloomington, Indiana and US Midwest areas.


The Combine

The Combine is a midwest-oriented technology and entrepreneurship conference held in Bloomington, IN. 2010 was the first year of the conference and due to its success, it will continue as a Humanetrix project in 2011 and beyond. The event included a large venue speaking event, educational workshops and a software development contest to create practical tools for local not-for-profits. [1]


TED stands for Technology Entertainment and Design. TED is an international educational conference series devoted to "ideas worth spreading". TEDxBloomington is a franchised TED conference to be held in Blomington in May 2011. The conference is educational in nature and may continue in Bloomington in future years if the first event is a success. [2]

Ignite Bloomington

Ignite is an educational speaking event that was pioneered by technologist Tim O'Reilly where presenters share their personal and professional passions in the form of short presentations. Ignite Bloomington is a recurring Bloomington version of this educational event. [3]

Citizens' Toolkit

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The Citizens' Toolkit is designed to make voting information and voting itself easier and more acceessible to Bloomington and Monroe County residents. The Toolkit project is on hiatus due to improvements in the availability of voting information online and the adoption of a statewide voter database by the State of Indiana.

The main project of Humanetrix has been the Citizens' Toolkit. The Citizens' Toolkit was designed to make voting information and voting itself easier and more accessible to Bloomington and Monroe County residents. The Citizen's Toolkit website has been active in the 2004, 2006 and 2008 Primary elections. The rationale for the project was reduced with the introduction of the State of Indiana's [] website.

The main features of the Citizens' Toolkit were...

  • Candidate Information: A clearinghouse of candidate profiles, questionnaires and interviews provided by the various political parties, independent organizations and local media outlets.
  • Polling Place Finder: Delivers precinct and polling place location (along with a web-based map).
  • Assorted voting information describing how to vote early and absentee, links to local election and voting resources.

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